Safety at Te Taunga Adventures is very important to us but as with any adventure sport/activity there is a certain amount of risk involved.  Any person taking part in any activity run by Te Taunga Adventures does so at their own risk.

Our number one goal is to give people of all ages and abilities the opportunity to enjoy the experience of horse riding while viewing The Catlins and farm scenery in a safe environment, while operating in a professional business manner.


For your safety and enjoyment:


  • All rides are guided
  • You will be matched with a horse to suit – please provide with accurate information on your ability/experience, height and weight
  • We supply safety helmets and help ensure they fit correctly
  • We have a small selection of suitable footwear if you can’t provide your own
  • Provide oilskin riding coats and gloves if needed
  • We brief all riders before departing on rides
  • We encourage riders to ask for help if they are unsure or unhappy about anything
  • Rides are personalized to suit your/your group’s ability
  • We do not allow riders to go faster than they are capable, but encourage lessons if they want learn to go faster
  • A reasonable level of fitness is recommended for you and your horses comfort (particularly for longer rides)
  • We do recommend getting off and stretching you legs during longer rides so comfortable walking boots/ shoes are recommended as are long comfortable pants.


While horse riding at Te Taunga Adventures it is important to remember:


  • Horse riding is an adventure sport which involves a significant element of risk by participating in any activity run by Te Taunga Adventure you are personally accepting this risk.
  • Your guide/s are with you to help reduce these risks but they do not have full control of all risks
  • Your guide/s are with you to help ensure your ride is a safe and enjoyable adventure please ask if you need help or are feeling unsafe
  • Horses are herd animals – their natural ‘Flight’ instinct tells them to flee from predators (please remember this) respect them and their instincts take the time to build a bond
  • The safety of our horses is just as important to us as is yours please respect them, we will ask your height and weight to help match you suitably
  • Our farm is our livelihood we are proud of it we ask you to respect it please do not drop any litter
  • The Catlins weather is very changeable please make sure you have sufficient warm clothing and take extra layers with you